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Mac Support: On-site Service & Repairs

Our highly trained team offer Mac support for all your Apple Computers, Operating Systems and Servers. At IT Biz Support we have experience in all Apple IT systems and can offer services such as on-site service, repairs, upgrades, installation, maintenance, computer set up, upgrade, hard drive, server installation and support and operating systems to maintaining an entire network. IT Biz Support Support can help you with your needs.

As a top provider for IT support in Melbourne, IT Biz Support is experienced in a wide range of systems and when it comes to Mac support we have an expanded knowledge in Apple systems such as older and latest Mac machines and servers. Whether you are using the latest Mac OS X 10.11 or the older Mac OS 9 system or using Xserve or Mac OS X Server we can solve your problem.

Premium IT services often come with a big price tag sometimes up to $150 and hour, however we offer good rates for a high quality personalised services. Our Mac support can be booked for as low as $125 for the first hour, $ 50 per additional half hour or $650 for a full day (Prices valid from 1st of January 2016). IT Biz Support can be booked after hours and on weekend for $200 for the first hour, $75 per additional half hour or $750 for a full day.

Apart from our Mac support in Melbourne services, we also provide IT outsourcing which can reduce your expenses when it comes to IT support. Free your internal resources and let us work on your IT systems so you can focus on your main business areas.