Internet Security

Anti-virus software is no longer enough. Every business needs a Security Strategy to protect their valuable information and integrity of their computer systems. ITBiz Support can design a solution based specifically on your businesses requirements.

A recent survey revealed while 76% of users thought they had internet protection only 42% actually did!

Increasingly business customers are also focused on employee productivity with the rise of social networking sites, instant messaging and gaming. Internet bandwidth management has become increasingly important as data transfers of music and movies grow exponentially, with business expected to carry the cost of employee downloads. If you have an escalating internet bill this may be why. This is when you need a Trusted IT Advisor to find a solution.

Solutions available to some of these security problems include:

  • Firewalls – Either a hardware or internet based fi rewall is the fi rst line of defence around your network to prevent others accessing your network.
  • Malware protection – Today’s security software must include protection against viruses, spyware and malware. It is essential that this software is managed, updated and functioning properly.
  • Console internet security management – All security requirement for an organisation can be controlled from one point.
  • Content fltering – Block internet site types or the times they can be accessed andapply restrictions to individual staff members.
  • Internet bandwidth management – Profiles can be set to prevent applications (such as iTunes) being loaded on machines and individual usage can be tracked to websites accessed and bandwidth used.
  • Spam protection – Capture and destroy unsolicited email (spam) before it reaches your computer.
  • Virtual private networks (VPN) – Allow secure access to your computer network from any location.