IT Biz now offers a variety of VoIP phone services! We have specialists for both hosted (cloud-based, no server needed) systems and more powerful digital PBX systems.

PBX Features

  • Music On Hold: Place the other party on hold and play music.
  • Blind Transfer: Immediate transfer of a call to another number.
  • Attended Transfer: Call transfer to another number after speaking to the new recipient and confirm they want to take the call.
  • Do Not Disturb: Act as busy to all incoming calls.
  • Call Forward: Immediate call forwarding set at the handset.
  • Call Conference: Setup multi-party call conferences.
  • IVR System: Play recorded greeting to incoming callers and prompt for keypresses to route incoming calls to different extensions.
  • Voicemail: Setup messagebank greeting, message alert by email and message waiting indicator on the handset.

Network Features

  • Instant Relocation: Moving office or even working from home for the day is easy with our network.
    Simply plug the handset in at the new location and you will be online and connected immediately.
    No waiting for new lines to be installed.
  • Plug and Play Roaming: You can take the handset with you when you travel and plug it in at any location where internet is available and you are connected as if you were in the office.

Smart Numbers

The ACMA runs an auction website where you can purchase 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers and have ownership of the purchased number. The number can then be carried by any provider that handles 1300 numbers.

Telecube can purchase a number on your behalf or you can register directly with www.smartnumbers.com.au and purchase the number yourself and then let us know and we can carry it for you.

Smart numbers can be phone word numbers or simply easy to remember number combinations.

The general purchase price is $250 but can be significantly higher if the number is of special configuration. For example; 1300 111 222

1300 Numbers: Are classified as local-rate numbers which usually means to call the number costs a local fee. However carriers tend to charge different rates. At the moment the normal cost to call a 1300 number is 25c

1800 Numbers: Are classified as toll free numbers which means to call the number is free.

Deciding which type of number is right for your business depends on a few things.

A 1300 number is best if:

You expect to get mainly calls from around your local area.
Your type of business is prone to calls from ‘tyre kickers’.

A 1800 number is best if:

You want to encourage enquiries of any kind.
Calls to inbound numbers can be routed to any landline or mobile phone in any area. Prices are different depending on the caller location relative to the answer point.