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Each of our solutions and services are tailored to specifically meet the needs of your business. This gives you all the benefits of an internal IT department without the cost of on-site full-time staff. We are on call to support your IT needs throughout the entire process, from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of your new solution.


We are here to help you solve business problems. You tell us what you need and we will come back with a plan for how to achieve that. The consultative process is the most critical part of the relationship we will have with you. We have the depth of expertise within IT Biz Support, and also access to external specialists, who can be called on to provide many types of solutions to suit your specific needs.


The correct design of your computer networks is of high importance to your business. At IT Biz Support we take the time to understand both your current and future needs. This means we can provide a solution that will grow with you. We can also manage your network to ensure that interruptions and downtime you may probably experienced are a thing of the past. Our networking services include LAN & WAN networks and Virtual Private Networks.

LAN & WAN Networks
How do your staff need to interact with your network? Are they always at a desk or will they need to access your system while on the go? With so many different ways to connect, it can be hard to decide which direction to take. IT Biz Support will get to know your business so that we can identify the best configuration to keep your business humming, whether you work in the same building or across town.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
VPNs connect local area networks in different locations via the internet. They are cheaper than directly linking two distant networks but still ensure privacy of your company data. This means your company network can be cost effectively rolled out to staff anywhere where there is internet access.


Securing your businesses information from intruders, hackers and malware is critical. It is not a matter of if but when your systems will be compromised by one of the above. That means you need to apply the same rigor to protecting your electronic assets as you do to your physical assets. Our technicians are always up to date with the latest threats, remedies and prevention tactics to minimize potential risks to your system.

The four essential elements of data security include anti-virus software, spyware prevention, firewalls and system updates.

Anti-Virus Software
Anti-Virus software is essential protection as your system can become infected through email attachments, content downloaded from the web or via disk shared between two computers. What’s more you may not even notice a problem.

IT Biz Support will ensure your systems are up to date with the latest virus security downloads and in the event of infection we will identify the virus, clean out your system and protect it from future infection.

Without firewalls and internet security software, your computers are open to intrusion whenever they are connected to the Internet. The need for firewall security increases with the use of today’s high-speed internet connections.

We can help you choose the most appropriate firewall to meet your needs by looking at your business requirements and the number of users within your network.

Spyware gathers information about a person or an organisation – including financial information – without their knowledge through a tracking program that is secretly installed, usually via the internet, into a computer.

This is becoming an increasing problem for businesses and we can provide solutions to keep your information secure and private.

System Updates
More and more system invasions can be attributed to vulnerabilities in operating systems and the truth is that no system can offer 100% security.

IT Biz Support can help you manage this risk by ensuring you are always up to date with regular patches and updates.

Internet connectivity

With so many different connectivity options available – ADSL, SDSL, ISDN, Satellite, Wireless and so on – it can be difficult to choose the best option for your business. We will look at your current and future business needs as well as your location to find you the best option, saving you time and money.

We can advise on which is the most effective technology and level of service for your business. We can also offer monitoring services to ensure your connections continue to perform well.


Electronic data has become the backbone of businesses around the globe. A crash may be inevitable but the loss of data such as email, customer databases and accounting systems doesn’t have to be.

IT Biz Support can help you with the headache and stress surrounding system backups by sourcing the most effective system for your needs as well as managing it and monitoring it to ensure it is working effectively.

Disaster recovery

When a computer system crashes, the loss of productivity can really hurt a business financially. Sometimes the financial loss relating to even a short outage can exceed the value of the computer system itself.

IT Biz Support can conduct a business impact analysis to discover any weak spots in your existing systems. We can then develop a disaster prevention plan to reduce your exposure. A disaster recovery plan will also be developed to help guide your company should events outside your control take down your systems.

Web design

The internet has become a core component of doing business with customers and suppliers. Whether it is an information point or business channel, there are a vast array of directions to take.

At IT Biz Support we can design and build an e-commerce solution that suits the unique needs of your business. These could range from simple information-based web sites to complex online shopping and database driven applications. Our creative design skills are tightly integrated with our programming and database expertise.


Servers are an intrinsic part of a business network. File servers help you store your information, terminal servers offer you access to your information and email servers enable you to send your information.

No matter what your business, the right server configuration is essential. IT Biz Support can ensure your underlying systems can handle the current and future demands of your business as well as maintain these systems so they remain reliable and robust.